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Towards Truth

Towards Truth
Published on 6 July 2023 Towards Truth maps laws and policies that have impacted the lives of First Nations people since 1788.

At a glance

Towards Truth is a partnership between the Indigenous Law Centre and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

We are researching the vast body of laws and policies that have impacted Aboriginal people since 1788, broken down into four main ‘themes’ - Country, Kinship, Law and Culture, and People.

Towards Truth is the first attempt to map in detail how decisions of our Parliaments and Governments have dispossessed and disempowered First Nations people, and where they have sought to protect and provide for reparation.

It does this by compiling:

  • laws and policies that have impacted First Nations people since 1788

  • parliamentary debates that show what the Parliament intended when those laws were passed

  • articles and reports that discuss and analyse how these laws and policies operated in practice, and

  • case studies that show their practical effects.