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ExpertsDirect and MG & Associates: Empowering Vulnerable Individuals Through Pro Bono Legal Support

ExpertsDirect and MG & Associates:  Empowering Vulnerable Individuals Through Pro Bono Legal Support
Published on 15 June 2023 by Mark Gustavsson The Australian Pro Bono Centre asked Mark Gustavsson from Mark Gustavsson & Associates to tell us about their firm’s successful partnership with ExpertsDirect, which saw a psychologist provide pro bono expert advice to a client experiencing disadvantage.

In a society where access to justice can often be a privilege reserved for those who can afford it, initiatives that bridge the gap and provide pro bono legal services are invaluable. Organisations like JusticeNet SA connect individuals who cannot afford legal representation with law firms willing to assist on a pro bono basis. This article highlights the transformative impact of one such partnership between MG & Associates, an Adelaide based commercial disputes resolution law firm, and ExpertsDirect, an organisation that connects lawyers acting pro bono with expert witnesses to assist individuals facing legal challenges.


Mark Gustavsson is a highly experienced litigation and transaction lawyer. He is the founder and principal of Mark Gustavsson & Associates, a highly respected law firm based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Mark has a proven track record of success in handling complex legal matters, including commercial litigation, intellectual property, asset recoveries, consumer protection, employment law, insurance law, and more. He has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements, advising on regulatory compliance issues, and handling complex transactions, including mergers & acquisitions. In addition to his trial and interlocutory work, Mark is also an accomplished appellate advocate, having co-ordinated and argued successfully in the New South Wales Court of Appeal against a national fast-food franchisor. He is well-known for his persuasive and articulate advocacy skills, and his ability to present complex legal arguments in a clear and concise manner.