Taproot Foundation, TrustLaw - Thomson Reuters Foundation

Webinar: TrustLaw, An Introduction To Legal Pro Bono

Published on 2 August 2022 Taproot Foundation teamed up with TrustLaw, the global legal pro bono program of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, for a webinar on how nonprofits and social enterprises can access their network of law firms for free legal assistance. 

During this quick webinar, experts from TrustLaw cover: - An introduction to the range of legal resources offered through TrustLaw’s programs  - Common legal issues affecting nonprofits and social enterprises that you can seek assistance with - Tips and tools for accessing legal help as a member of the TrustLaw nonprofit community Watch now to gain an understanding of the legal issues and protections that can save your organization time, resources, and headache in the future, as well as a greater awareness of the legal issues that TrustLaw can help your organization with.