Justice Connect

Digital Innovation Showcase 2022: Introduction

Published on 31 May 2022 by Kate Fazio In May 2022, Justice Connect hosted a Digital Innovation Showcase. This introduction and welcome features the Head of Innovation and Engagement Kate Fazio giving an overview of Justice Connect's Digital Innovation program.

Justice Connect designs and delivers high-impact interventions to increase access to legal support and progress social justice. Justice Connect helps those who would otherwise miss out on assistance, focusing on people disproportionately impacted by the law and the organisations that make the community thrive.

Kate Fazio is a lawyer with a deep interest in technology that evolved as she explored ways to scale the impact of pro bono legal services. She works as the Manager of Digital Innovation Strategies at Justice Connect, a charity that provides legal services to people and organisations with unmet legal needs in Australia.In her role she looks for opportunities to scale Justice Connect’s impact through process innovations and service delivery innovations. She leads Justice Connect’s Legal Help Gateway project, funded through the Google Impact Challenge. With a background as a corporate lawyer, Kate has worked at Justice Connect for 5 years.